10 Awesome Apps for Green Living

Apps for greening your home, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money.

Green Lifestyle
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Want to live a more eco-friendly life? There’s an app for that! Your quest to go green is made even easier with a little help from technology. We take a look at simple tech-savvy solutions for greening your life and home, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money.

Paper Karma: Tired of getting junk mail? You can unsubscribe from all your junk mail senders with this handy app. Just take a photo of your junk mail and you’re instantly unsubscribed from the mailing list.

Good Guide: Want to buy eco-friendly products that are good for your home and family but just don’t know how to sort the good from the bad? Simply scan the barcode with the Good Guide app and get all the information you need to make an informed choice about the product and company. You will also get a score which rates products according to their eco-friendliness.

Oreoco: Perfect for those who are serious about taking responsibility for their carbon footprint, the Oreoco app will track the carbon footprint of your everyday activities. The app’s record-keeping capabilities will allow you to track your improvements so you can see just how low you can go.

Carma Carpool: You can put a dent in your daily commute’s carbon footprint with the Carma Carpool app which allows you to find commuters in your area. Find other people in your area who are going in the same direction as you and pay them for a ride. The app boasts that their rides are often cheaper than taking the bus.

Electricity Meter Reader: Is your hydro bill giving you the chills? Monitor you consumption with this app so you know exactly how much energy your appliances are using and can reduce your consumption.

Seafood Watch: Seafood lovers have to be careful of the choices they make to help protect the oceans. Buy sustainably harvested, eco-friendly seafood by using this app.

ICAO Green Meetings Calculator: Planning an international conference? Fill in participants’ home cities and the calculator will show you the locations where your meeting would incur the least CO₂. The calculator will also let you know the collective carbon footprint of your meeting so you can take steps to offset the cost.

Skeptical Science: Did you lose an argument about climate change to your Aunty over thanksgiving dinner? Well, Skeptical Science will ensure that you are never at a loss again. Just type in the argument that your climate change skeptic is using and this handy app will tell you if it’s based on scientific fact. The app will also provide you with a wealth of global-warming facts so you can argue like a champ.

Carbon Track: Keep tabs on just how big your travel carbon footprint is with this nifty carbon calculator. You can calculate your monthly greenhouse gas emissions so you know if you are improving.

Go Green: Get practical tips on how to live a more eco-friendly life. Get a new green tip every time you visit the app and watch your green status change. 

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