12 Awesome Upcycled Christmas Tree Ideas

Eco-friendly alternatives to the Christmas tree to reduce your festive footprint

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Cut Christmas trees are a wonderful way to bring a touch of nature inside for the holidays. And while trees reduce greenhouse gases as they grow, the transportation and disposal of cut trees still comes at a high carbon price. Here are some fun and eco-friendly alternatives to Christmas trees for home and condo dwellers who are looking to reduce their festive footprint. 


A dowel, a drill and some interesting driftwood is all you need to make this gorgeous minimalist tree. 


This clever Christmas tree is made from upcycled pallets. The planks offer little shelves to place candles, ornaments and gifts on. 


A perfect solution for condo owners who don’t have enough space for a tree, use decorations to deck your halls and create a festive mood and a beautiful work of art.


Students and scholars; this one’s for you! Add a touch of quirky sophistication with this desk tree made from books or empty your library and stack closed books in a pyramid shape for a bigger tree. 


This recycled paper tree can be made from just about anything like rolled up newspapers, Christmas cards, junk mail or shopping catalogs. You can even use the Christmas wrapping paper from last year to create a more festive tree.


Jingle some bells with this reclaimed wood tree which is a truly carbon-neutral way to celebrate the holidays. 


Suspended from the ceiling, this Christmas bauble tree takes a little ingenuity and is the perfect option for those engineers and architects in your life. Staple fishing line to a wooden board and hang your Christmas decorations at different heights. 


A birch branch is all you need to create this elegant tree. Opt for a fallen branch rather than damaging a live tree. 


This cute tree is made from memories. Use your recycled Christmas cards from previous years to create a tree made of Christmas cheer sent from all your friends and family members. 


Wooden produce crates facilitate little festive tableaus. Create everything from nativity scenes to gingerbread villages for an interesting tree. 


This creative DIY Mason jar Christmas tree is a fun feature for a kitchen or a condo where space is a consideration. You can also fill the jars with Christmas treats like cookies and candy canes or water and glitter that turn your Mason jars into snow globes. 


Beautiful pinecone trees are easy to make with some wood glue and a planter. You can dab the tips with white paint for a frosted look. 


Have a holly, jolly Christmas with this recycled PVC pipe tree. Cut a few different size tubes into slices and glue them together. Then pop your favourite ornaments into each tube to create this wonderful recycled Christmas tree. 



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