17 Essential Travel Tips

Save money with these sustainable travel tips

As the festive vacations approach, many of you will be making holiday plans. Travel is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprints and we need to adopt some of these tips and tricks to make our vacations more sustainable.

  1. Wherever possible, use public transport, including your trip to and from the airport. You will save on car rentals, parking and fuel costs.
  2. If you must rent a car, consider an electric or hybrid option.
  3. Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water on your trip and drink tap water where possible! It takes 7 litres (1.85 gallons) of water to manufacture the plastic for a bottle of water. Most hotels will have a reliable source of drinking water.
  4. Try the local cuisine. Eating local produce cuts down on the carbon footprint of every meal. Opt for locally-owned restaurants rather than international chains.
  5. The meat industry accounts for 15% of all carbon emissions so one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to eat a vegetarian meal.
  6. Take a reusable shopping bag with you so you aren’t using plastic bags.
  7. Book non-stop flights where possible as planes use the most fuel when landing and taking off.
  8. Select an airline that recycles food and beverage waste.
  9. Buying carbon offset credits that cover your flight is far more reasonable than you think. Contact your airline to work out your carbon offset options.
  10. Hang up your towels so that you reuse them. Washing towels accounts for 16% of your hotel’s water usage, think about how often you change your towels at home.
  11. Take your own toiletries rather than use all those little bottles hotel supplies as this increases waste.
  12. Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door so housekeeping only cleans your room when it’s absolutely necessary.
  13. Use your discretion when selecting hotels. Opt for those who utilize renewable energy , employ local residents, have energy-saving and recycling initiatives and encourage waste reduction. If your hotel does not offer these services, let the manager know that you would like to see a change.
  14. Do your research when selecting tours and tour operators. Read reviews and ensure that they are not exploiting local wildlife or practicing tourism that has a negative effect on the environment.
  15. Before you leave, ensure that your newspaper delivery has been suspended for the duration of your stay. Unplug your appliances and turn down your thermostat.
  16. Give back by finding a volunteer program at your destination. If you don’t have time for that, pick up trash wherever you go to help preserve the environments you  visit.
  17. Download your guide book to your tablet or phone rather than buying the book. If you do bring books and magazines, leave them at the hotel for other guests or donate them to a charity when you return.


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