3 Brilliant DIY Greenhouses You Can Make this Weekend

Cheap, easy greenhouse plans to improve your garden game

Greenhouses allow you to extend the short growing months we have in Canada so you can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables well into the shoulder seasons. While you can heat and cool greenhouses, these are simply meant to provide a warm oasis for avid gardeners through the colder spring and fall months as they shelter plants from inclement weather and pests. You can experiment with more exotic plants that would otherwise not fare well in frost.

Building a greenhouse doesn’t have to be a major project that costs you a fortune. With some careful planning and a little imagination, you can create a beautiful addition to your garden this weekend!



Barn Greenhouse

This barn-style greenhouse maximizes exposure to the sun and can be set up in a weekend. The side panels are made from roofing tin in 12-foot lengths so they don’t need to be cut which saves time and prevents waste. The corners are made from flashing and the corrugated clear sheets also come in 12-foot lengths so they don’t need to be cut either. The gambrel-roof shape allows plenty of headspace while maximizing the amount of light that comes in.

The free plans from Ana White include shopping and tools lists as well as step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Be sure to read through the instructions before getting started. 


Hoop-Style Greenhouse

Hoop greenhouses are easy to construct and can be made from inexpensive materials for less than $400. You can make the hoops out of PVC piping, as in the plans featured here, or from cedar branches or wire fencing for smaller structures which cost less. Get the full plans with tools and materials list as well as step-by-step instructions with photos from Alberta Home Gardening.


Greenhouse from Old Windows

One way to reduce costs, create a garden conversation piece and promote sustainability is through using upcycled windows and doors to create your greenhouse. This kind of greenhouse construction requires some skill, so this is for those who have rudimentary construction experience. One of the ways to make this greenhouse build easier is to find windows that are roughly the same size and shape. You can scour online sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji or garage sales to procure used windows inexpensively.

Once you have your windows and a door, see this wonderful step-by-step guide from the Permaculture Research Institute on how to go about constructing your upcycled greenhouse. 



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