6 Fall Home Renos that will Slash your Winter Hydro Bill

Winter is coming—reduce the amount you spend on heating with these quick renos

As the weather cools, savvy homeowners will want to bolster the efficiency of their building envelope—the exterior home framing that keeps your warm indoor air in and the cold winter air out. An effective envelope will mean you reduce your home’s heating bill considerably. A few well-placed renovations can help to secure your home’s envelope and save you money.


Plan your Renos

Start by determining which renovations will give the best return on your investment by using our home energy savings calculator. An energy audit will help you to find the chinks in your home’s envelope through the EnerGuide Home Evaluation Plan.


Insulate your Attic

The efficiency of insulation is measured as an R-value. Moving your home from an R-11 to R-49 will save you $600 a year in heating and cooling costs. A good way to see if you need to add to your attic insulation is to check if your existing insulation is at or below the top of your attic joists. If this is the case, adding additional insulation will cut your winter heating costs.


Heat Additions from the Home Furnace

Enclosed porches, garages and other additions to your home are usually heated with an exterior heat source such as an electric baseboard heater. These external heating methods just aren’t as efficient as your home’s furnace. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by routing your furnace heat into your addition through ductwork. Check that your new ducting (and your existing ductwork) are all in the conditioned envelope of your home.

If your ducting runs through an unconditioned crawlspace, ensure that the ductwork is insulated to R-20 to prevent heat loss.


Replace your Windows

You can save between 12%-33% on your hydro bill by replacing your windows. If your windows are 15 years old or older, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and add about $12,000 value to your property when you install new windows.


Insulate your Basement

Up to 30% of your heat is lost when your basement isn’t properly insulated. Raising your basement’s insulation value to R-20 will save you up to $170 a year and improve the comfort of your basement and home.


Up you Heating Game

If your furnace is 15 years old or older, consider upgrading to an Energy Star model which will be at least 15% more efficient.

Check your ducting annually. Leaking ducts can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year so seal any holes or gaps and ensure that your ducts are properly insulated.

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