7 Cheap Home Improvements that will Save Energy

Do you want to reduce your hydro bills?

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Want your home to be comfortable while saving money and reducing the impact of your family home on the environment? These seven tips on saving energy will make your summer great!


Caulk those Gaps!

Reduce your hydro bill by 10-20% when you seal all the gaps in your home with caulk. Inspect your home for cracks, gaps and holes (especially around electrical and plumbing openings.) Carefully seal with caulk to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Check the rubber seal around your doors and windows for cracks and replace if necessary.

Use a draft snake to prevent your cool indoor air from leaking out under the door. Make your own using the tutorial here.


Get a Ceiling Fan

Air conditioners use 19 times as much energy as ceiling fans. If you set your ceiling fan to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction for summer, you can save money on cooling. Remember to change it back to clockwise for winter!


Smart Gardening

Planting deciduous trees and vines outside your south-facing windows can keep your home cool. These plants provide shade in the summer, but lose their leaves in the cooler months to let the winter sun in.

If you live in a condo or don’t have space for deciduous plants, consider blinds or curtains to keep your home comfortable.


Seal your Chimney

Closing your damper is a good start, but air can still filter though your flue. This means that all your cool indoor air is escaping through your chimney. You can seal your chimney with a chimney balloon (an inflatable balloon that blocks the chimney) or a chimney sheep (a wool chimney draft excluder).

Check your Ductwork

With older systems, duct leaks can be wasting up to a third of your conditioned indoor air, pushing up your hydro bills and making your home less comfortable. Fix leaks with foiled duct tape.

While you are repairing your ducts, take the opportunity to insulate them for even more efficient heating and cooling.

Apply for Rebates

A large range of rebates are available from your local government as incentives for home and condo owners to reduce their energy consumption. You can get coupons for ceiling fans, smart power bars and energy-efficient lights through the SaveOnEnergy campaign.

Considering improving your heating and cooling systems? Upgrading your air conditioner or furnace to an Energy Star Appliance can save you up to $325 on your annual hydro bills. SaveOnEnergy’s heating and cooling promotion can save you up to $650 on new appliances.

Calculate your Savings

Get the most from your summer renovation budget with a home energy savings calculator. This helpful tool helps you to calculate where you’ll get the most for every home-improvement dollar.

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