9 Incredibly Easy Energy-Saving Tips you Probably Haven’t Heard About

Reduce your home and condo energy bills without a massive investment.

Sure, you’ve switched out your lightbulbs and you turn down the thermostat, but spiraling energy prices are still leaving you blue (or is that the lower thermostat?) But there are some ways in which you can reduce your home and condo energy bills without a massive investment.

Clean your Filter: HVAC and AC filters collect dust and this causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder. Clean filters once a month with a vacuum or a quick scrub and save 5-15% on heating and cooling costs.

Off Peak: Home and condo owners can benefit from using energy during off-peak hours. You see, energy usage during the day costs you more. Check with your local hydro company to see when you get more bang for your energy buck and schedule dinners later, laundry over weekends and the dishwasher overnight.

Burst that Bubble: Home and condo owners who have radiator heating can release trapped air bubbles which increases efficiency. Turn the heating off and allow radiators to cool, place a small bowl or cloth under the radiator tap. Open the tap with a radiator key or screwdriver and let the air out. When water starts to run, close the tap. A heat-resistant radiator reflector positioned between the wall and the unit will also help to improve the efficacy of your radiator.

Seal your Switches: An often-overlooked source of air leaks, outlets and switches need to be insulated, especially if they are on outside walls. Specialized switch and outlet plate seals are available at your hardware store.

Cold Wash: A whopping 90% of the energy used for your laundry goes to heating the water. Opt for an eco-living cold wash when your clothes aren’t too dirty. bas

Turn your Fridge Down: Refrigerators use about 20% of the energy on your monthly bill. Set your refrigerator temperature to 37 degrees and your freezer to 3 degrees and check the gaskets around your refrigerator doors to ensure they are creating a proper seal.

Be a Fan: When you run your ceiling fan and your air conditioner together, you can set your thermostat 2°C higher and it will feel just as cool! This can save as much as 10% of your summer cooling costs.

Keeping Tabs: Energy monitors are cheap and allow you to gauge your energy usage. Households that install energy monitors, or use their phone apps, save an average of 8% on their energy bills. Many Canadian electric utilities offer monitors free of charge.

Leaf Love: Planting deciduous trees outside of your east, west and north-facing windows can protect your home from hot summer sunshine and reduce cooling costs by 35%. In the winter, trees lose their leaves and let that winter sun warm your home.

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