9 Upcycled Bird Feeders to Make This Spring

These upcycled bird feeders will save used items from the landfill

Spring can be a difficult time for our feathered friends as food is scarce and the nights are still cold. You can attract wildlife to your yard and provide a welcome reprieve with these innovative upcycled bird feeders.

The upcycling movement is gaining traction as it enables you to create something from materials you already have in your home. You save items from the landfill, help the environment and save money too. 


Don’t throw out your old Lego blocks! This Lego bird feeder comes to us from Fun Craft Kids. You can watch a video on how to build one here


This upcycled vintage teacup bird feeder is perfect for small gardens. All you need is a little glue and a vintage teacup to get started. You can hang them from trees with ribbons or glue them to stakes. Get the instructions from Intimate Weddings


If you block off the spout, an old teapot makes a perfect nest or feeder for birds. The handle is perfect for hanging from a tree branch. This one comes from Olav’s Wood


This upcycled plastic bottle bird feeder is the perfect craft for kids. All you need is a plastic soda bottle and a couple of wooden spoons. You can get instructions at Handimania.


Serve a six-course meal with this beautiful upcycled chandelier with teacups as bird feeders from Forever Decorating. Perfect for hanging in the garden and for offering different foods to attract a wider variety of birds. 


This upcycled bundt pan bird feeder just needs to be tied to a tree. You can see more pictures at Eclectically Vintage


Upcycle an old hanging basket and a drip tray to make this sweet little hanging bird feeder from Garden Gate


You can hang these can feeders from DIY Home Décor Guide from trees with ribbons, or simply use a nail to attach it to the tree. Works great for keeping seed dry in inclement weather. 


This upcycled muffin tin bird feeder from Birds and Blooms takes a little more effort, but it does give you the option of adding fruit and different kinds of seeds to attract a wider variety of birds.

Providing a little oasis for birds will help to bolster their dwindling numbers while providing you and your family with hours of bird-watching fun. You can also add to the Great Backyard Bird Count which relies on residential bird watchers to help scientists get a more accurate idea of how bird populations are faring. 









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