Plant Black-eyed Susans for water conservation

Plant Black-eyed Susan in the garden for splashes of colour that won’t demand much water.

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Best Plants for Water Conservation


When green experts offer up their top 10 lists, we’re all ears. What’s not to love about sneaking a peek at the little black book of a seasoned pro? So if you’re planning a garden tweak, need to fill in a few summer holes or want to score at August/September plant sales, check out some plant picks by landscape architect Sander Freedman of Sander Design.

Check out these 14 low-maintenance plants and flowers Freedman recommended for this green backyard makeover. (Sorry, we couldn’t stop at just 10!) These plants deliver showy blasts of colour, give bees and butterflies places to hang out, and require less gardening from homeowners. Plus, they demand less watering, which saves a precious resource and helps you save on water bills.

If you’re on a water conservation kick, don’t stop with plants. Check out more ideas on how to save water this summer.

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