Canada’s Greenest Homes

Some home and condo owners are taking green living to a whole new level

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We all switch out our light bulbs for energy-efficient ones and turn down our thermostats, but these home and condo owners are really pulling out all the stops to reduce their hydro bills and carbon footprints. Meet the greenest homes Canada has to offer that use the latest technology and building methods to create the eco-friendliest homes in the country. 



Willowdale Passive House

Built in 2012, this home, near Yonge and Sheppard in Toronto boasts innovative design that makes it one of the greenest homes in Canada. Willowdale has been awarded both the CMHC Healthy Housing and prestigious LEED Gold awards.

The home has cut energy costs by 82% through ground heating and cooling and a photovoltaic solar array which produces enough renewable energy for its own needs and some to sell back to the grid through Ontario’s microFIT program. The house features a self-venting roofing and hydronic radiant floor heating. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) act as thermal mass to help create a cozy home.


Endeavour House

Touted as being ‘Canada’s greenest house’, this family home in Peterborough, Ontario, was awarded LEED platinum status. With ICFs below grade and straw bales above, this home has exceptionally high R-Values when it comes to insulation, which means it can be heated and cooled for just $325 per year.

The house was finished in 2012 with wood and plaster and each material was chosen for its chemical-free and non-toxic qualities. The home uses very little water with a rainwater catchment and filtration system and a composting toilet. The home generates energy from its rooftop solar array and earned the owners $2,000 by selling energy back to the grid last year. 


Eco-Sense Home

In 2011, Ann and Gord Baird built this extraordinary home in Victoria, BC. Their home was the first in North America to achieve the ‘toughest’ green certification: Living Building Status. The earthen home is built utilizing a sand-clay-straw mixture strong enough to withstand earthquakes.

The home features a solar PV array with net-zero electricity so it produces all of its own energy. The Eco-Sense Home is exceedingly water efficient with composting toilets, rain-water harvesting and grey water use. It boasts a living green roof, earthen flooring and natural materials that were locally sourced. 


The Brook

Sustainable building isn’t restricted to residential homes—Canada has some of the greenest condo buildings in North America. The Brook has achieved LEED platinum status.

The Brook features geothermal heating and cooling technology that naturally conditions the air in the building. When combined with its solar thermal technology for hot water and the heat recovery ventilation units, the building energy requirements have been reduced by 67%.

The condo also features a water recycling system which reduces the use of municipal water by 83%.




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