Check out these Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Some of our favourite upcycled shipping container homes

Shipping containers may not exactly call to mind luxury when it comes to living quarters, but their robust frames do provide the perfect pallet for the creative homemaker. From tiny homes to palatial mansions, designers are taking their eco-living building ideas further with these beautiful upcycled shipping container homes.

The ubiquitous shipping container can be found across the world and are difficult to recycle or scrap. However, the move to more affordable, greener homes means that disused shipping containers are able to find new life as storage units, garden sheds and living quarters. Here are some of our favorites.


Montreal Mansion
Shipping containers must be made of stern stuff to withstand the rigors of travel by sea and rail, and the weight of other containers during stacking. This means that they already provide very strong structures that are perfect as building blocks for creative designers. Take a look at this beautiful home in Montreal which was created from seven shipping containers. Owners Bernard Morin and Jocelyne Labelle design and sell container homes in Ste-Adele, Que.


Cottage Country 

This rustic shipping container cottage lets the sun shine in! As a more affordable choice, shipping container homes allow more people to build their own holiday cottages as they are sustainable and more affordable than conventional builds. 


Artist’s Studio

Following the success of Container City 1, Container City 2 was erected in London in 2002. The city is utilized as a creative space for artists and artisanal workers. It is five stories high, boasts 22 studios and an elevator. 


Guest Rooms

This beautiful guest cottage in Texas comes in at 320 square feet which is small enough to fit in your backyard, but big enough to provide your guests with luxurious living quarters. It even has a roof garden to expand the usable space and add to the quirky design. 


Sustainable Choice

Shipping containers don’t exactly evoke warm fuzzy feelings thanks to their steel exterior, but homeowners are cladding them in everything from traditional wall finishes to shipping pallets. This home in Curacaví, Chile strives to tick all of the recycled material boxes. With the Manifesto House, James and Mau Arquitectura wanted to double down on the recycled materials for a truly eco-friendly home. 


Beach House in the Hamptons

Homes, cottages and guest houses have all been successfully done so it’s only natural that beach house would be the perfect candidate for the growing shipping container trend. This beautiful beach home in the Hamptons blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

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