Eco-Gadgets that are the Cat’s Pajamas

Here are some of our favourite green goodies that make eco-living easier.

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Progress is a wondrous thing and we have not seen this kind of innovation since the space race brought a slew of new innovations in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Here are some interesting green goodies that have one thing over their cold-war cousins; they’re good for the environment. Here are some of our favourite green goodies that make eco-living easier.

Motion Detector Light Switches


Who left the lights on?! Tired of hounding your family to turn off the lights? Automated lighting systems like the Heath Zenith are motion controlled and can help reduce your monthly energy bills. The average Canadian home has 30 light fixtures which account for around $200 in electricity per year. You can curtail this by installing motion detector light switches that turn lights on when you enter the room and turn them off when you leave.

Health Zenith


Water Filter Straw


The LifeStraw is a super sipper that allows you to wander about in the woods without fear of running out of fresh water or contracting the dreaded beaver fever. This innovative water filter removes viruses, bacteria and protozoa from water sources so you can rehydrate when you are out playing in the dirt.

The filters come in straws (so you can drink straight from the water source), in water bottles or as traditional water filters for larger volumes. An added bonus; for every LifeStraw product sold, a child in a developing country receives safe drinking water for a year.



Solar Charing iPhone Case


Charge your phone with the Sunny; an innovative solar charger iPhone case with backup battery. Extend your batter life when you are out and about so you can stay safe and on track. The case protects your phone when closed, but just pop it open and place it in the sun when you want to charge your iPhone. It’s four times faster than other solar chargers.

Sunny Case


Energy-Saving Power Strips


Even when you aren’t utilizing your appliances, they are drawing power on ‘stand by’ mode. These ‘vampire’ loads account for 5-10% of Canadian hydro bills. Turning off your appliances whenever you aren’t using them can be tedious, especially if you have to feel around behind the couch to find the plug. Using an advanced power strip (APS) will help you to control every aspect of your home’s power use and cut unnecessary waste. Program your power strips to come on when you use appliances and turn them off when you are sleeping or at work. You can even get individual ones for single outlets 

Power Strips


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