Edible Indoor Garden Ideas

Innovative systems for growing fruit and vegetables for the armchair botanist.

Importing your favorite fruit and vegetables over the winter months comes at an enormous carbon footprint. With these innovative systems for growing fruit and vegetables year-round, you can enjoy your own organic produce. From window gardens to desktop greenhouses, we look at what’s available for the armchair botanist.



Indoor plants not only provide carbon-free food, they are also excellent for your health. Plants remove VOCs and improve the quality of your indoor air. Indoor foliage also make you smarter! A study by the University of Michigan found that just a few office plants can improve memory by up to 20 percent and reduce blood pressure. Here are a few ideas for making your home, condo or office a little greener.

There are usually two impediments to growing plants inside; light and space. You can solve both of these by hanging your plants in front of windows and out of the way. 


A stylish upcycled option for an indoor herb garden or for growing salad greens and strawberries are these gorgeous indoor Mason-jar gardens. You can put them up next to your kitchen window so they get enough light and are easy to reach.


Plants usually don’t mind which way up they grow as long as they have food, light and water. These upside down hanging gardens mean you can maximize the natural light you get from your windows while growing your own food. 


Turn your windows into indoor farms with these beautiful window gardens. You can buy window garden systems or make your own using the tutorials shown here. Hanging window gardens take full advantage of the natural light a window offers without taking up space. 


Aquaponics is the art of growing plants using your household goldfish. Instead of using an artificial fertilizer to grow a hydroponics system, you can utilize nutritious fish waste for a more natural way to grow plants hydroponically. The fish fertilize the water which feeds the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish for a nutritious  win/win. You can make your own aquaponics garden with a fish tank using the tutorial here.


These desktop garden kits are perfect for homes or areas with low light. The kit provides the space and light you need to grow veggies, fruit and herbs. You can adjust the light to provide everything your plant needs throughout the growing cycle. 


Upcycle tea tins or vintage teacups for a more decorative windowsill herb garden. These also make wonderful gifts and are perfect indoors and out. 







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