Enactus EcoLiving Green Challenge

In addition to supporting home energy efficiency, Scotiabank is also proud to support young Canadians as they work towards improving communities in an environmentally sustainable way. The Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge supports students who are empowering others to find viable solutions to relevant environmental issues. 

Scotiabank's Partnership with Enactus Canada  

Annually, the Enactus Canada National Exposition brings together student, academic and industry leaders from across the country to celebrate the achievements of Canada's future leaders and entrepreneurs.

2017 Enactus Infographic

2017 Winners of the Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge: Ryerson University

At the 2017 Enactus Canada National Exposition, Ryerson University was named Champions of the Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge for their project: Project Pura.

With their project, Project Pura, students from Ryerson University, this year’s winners of Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge, are working with local entrepreneurs in Asyut, Egypt and in a village in Gujarat, India to help them manufacture and sell ceramic water filters. In only four months, the students and entrepreneurs have worked together to filter 142,620 litres of water and help over 31,000 people have access to clean, drinkable water.

Scotiabank Ecoliving - Winners

Enactus Ryerson students celebrate their win of the Scotiabank EcoLiving Green Challenge.

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