Energy-Saving Tips for Father’s Day

Give dad the ultimate gift by saving money and energy with these handy tips

Is your father always asking you to turn off the lights? Does he get grumpy whenever the hydro bill arrives? If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day, then get dad something he will really love; a family energy plan that will reduce your carbon footprint while saving money.


Get an Energy Monitor

Check with your local energy provider to see if they have sponsored home energy monitor programs or order an energy monitor online. This will allow your dad to ascertain exactly how much energy you are using. Knowing where your energy is going can help families to change their habits.


Get a ‘Time of Use’ Printout

Energy costs more during peak hours. Your local energy provider will have a chart that shows when energy is more expensive. Print out the chart and display it in a prominent place in your home. Get the family to commit to doing tasks that require the most energy in off-peak hours. That includes cooking, running the dishwasher or doing laundry.


Slay the Vampires

Even when you aren’t using your electronic appliances, they are drawing energy. As much as 10% of your home hydro bill goes to phantom loads. You can reduce energy usage and save money when you buy dad some smart power bars for Father’s Day. Smart power bars come with timers which automatically turn off the power when you are asleep or away.

Better still, check your local hydro provider for incentives or coupons to reduce the cost of your new power bars.


Light up your Life

Instead of dad having to turn off all the lights, why not install energy-efficient bulbs that will last longer and reduce your costs. Even changing out the five lights you use the most will still save an average of $75 a year on lighting.

When selecting new lightbulbs, opt for LEDs. They use only 20-25% of the energy that your old incandescent bulbs use and will last 25 times longer.


Mind the Gap

Small gaps in your building envelope can account for about 10-20% of energy loss. Give your dad the gift of caulk and help him to seal all the cracks around doors and windows. Also check plumbing and electrical openings and ensure that vents are sealed. You should see a decrease in hydro bills and an increase in the comfort of your home.


Calculate your Savings

Help your dad to figure out the best investments to make by sharing an energy calculator with him. This will enable him to ascertain which energy-saving investments will give him the best returns. 

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