Fall Home Improvements that will Save You Money this Winter

Home Improvements and Maintenance Tips to Reduce your Winter Hydro Bills

It’s almost sweater season and, as the cooler weather approaches, it’s time for fall maintenance on your home and condo. Investing a little money and time in maintenance and upgrades will reduce your winter heating bills and prevent damage from winter storms. Don’t dread your winter hydro bills, cut costs with these easy steps.


Dodge the Draft

Drafts are indicative of a gap or hole in your building envelope. They make your home less comfortable and hike up your hydro bill. Sealing up your gaps and cracks can save you 5% to 30% per year on your energy costs.

Start by caulking all the cracks and holes you find in your home. Check for gaps around doors and windows and electrical and plumbing outlets.

Ensure that your doors are properly sealed and aren’t letting in cold air. A quick and easy solution is the draft door snake. Make your own using the tutorial here.


HVAC Maintenance

Taking care of your HVAC system will mean it lasts longer and works more efficiently. Check your ductwork for leaks. You can lose up to 60% of your heated air before it even gets into your home through leaky ducts. Do your own duct repair using this tutorial.

Regularly replace your air filters as this makes your HVAC system more efficient and can add to the longevity of your furnace. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to reduce your hydro bill and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Fall is the perfect time for your annual furnace maintenance. Get a professional in or do it yourself by following these easy steps.


Prevent Burst Pipes and Ice Dams

Water damage can be exceptionally expensive so prevention is definitely better when it comes to burst pipes. Insulate all pipes that run along the outside of your home and upgrade outdated plumbing.

Ice dams occur when snow on your roof melts in patches. With nowhere to go, these patches of water freeze overnight, expanding and pushing up under the shingles. This damages your roof and creates leaks where water can enter the home and cause mold and mildew.

Ice dams can be prevented by cleaning gutters of leaves and debris during the fall so that water can drain effectively from the roof. Warm patches that melt snow indicate gaps in your insulation. Installing new insulation can really help to boost the efficacy of your home’s energy envelope which reduces your bills and keeps your home cozy. Check the roof for lose or aging shingles that need replacement.


Install Ceiling Fans

One of the quickest ways to evenly distribute the heat from your HVAC system is to install ceiling fans. This forces warmer air back down into the room. If you already have a ceiling fan, reverse the direction so it’s running clockwise for the winter.

Find out where you can save the most on your winter maintenance and upgrades with our Home Energy Savings Calculator. 

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