Halloween Costumes you can Make with a Cardboard Box

Avoid those disposable costumes and make your own!

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With the scary season approaching, let’s avoid those disposable costumes and go for a cheap, eco-friendly option that will get you all the best candy. Homemade costumes give you instant street cred and people appreciate the effort you have gone to. Making your costumes can be a fun family activity that brings out your creative side. Here are some killer Halloween costume ideas all made from recycled cardboard boxes. 

This Halloween be kind to Mother Nature and to your wallet with these incredible Halloween costumes you can make out of a cardboard box and a couple of supplies. You’ll have a ton of fun making them and wearing them. Remember to recycle when the fun is done.


The Robot

Two boxes, a couple of holes and some dryer ducting for arms is all it takes to create a fun robot costume. A few LED lights will take this Halloween costume to the next level. 

Photo by Chickabug



Are you a Doctor Who fan? Well, of course you are and this Tardis is a breeze to make. A coat of blue paint and a Mason jar for the light on top and you’re good to go. Staple two strap on the inside so it rests easily on the shoulders. 

Photo by melodramababs



Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

If you have smaller children, this Scooby Doo tribute is genius. Turn their wagon into the mystery machine and you can all trick or treat in comfort and style. 

Photo by Sandi Devenny



This adorable costume couldn’t be easier to make; just a large cardboard box, a couple of recycled yogurt tubs and a lick of paint. 

Photo by Country Living




Use a little stuffing for the popcorn and a plastic bucket for the hat. An upcycled box makes the perfect Halloween costume.

Photo by Costume Pop


Hot Air Balloon

Use a recycled cardboard box to make this cute hot air balloon Halloween costume or recreate your favorite scenes from the movie Up by making a house instead of a basket. A few helium balloons will complete your outfit. 

Photo by Country Living




This Halloween costume may take a little more effort, but it’s well worth it. Get a good box cutter and four boxes. One box for the body with arm and head holes, a second for the neck and a smaller one for the head. Use the fourth box to cut out the teeth and spikes. A toilet roll cut in two makes perfect eyes. 


Wall E

Use a cardboard box for the body and eyes which you can glue on to an old hat. Glue sections of a box to gloves to make the hands. 

Photo by Inhabitat


Star Wars At-At

Perfect for couples, this Star Wars At-At is comfy and cool, just make sure you have are headed in the same direction. 




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