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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected the answers to frequently asked questions about the EcoLiving site.


What is Scotiabank EcoLiving?

Scotiabank EcoLiving is a program launched in 2010 by Scotiabank to help Canadian homeowners make green home improvements. The goal of Scotiabank EcoLiving is to enable Canadians to save money, by saving energy and reduce their impact on climate change through resource conservation and protection.


How do I use the EcoLiving site?

The navigation menu shows the three main content sections of the website.

At the top of each page, there is a search box to help you find the information you are looking for on the website. Enter one or more keywords and click on the ‘Search’ button to bring up a list of pages which are related to the word or words you have searched for.

There is also a list of six categories of information on the site easily identifiable by an icon that matches the topic. As you read an article, the icon associated with the information will appear on the page. You also have the option of “filtering” the information you read by category. If you want information that is only related to “condo Living”, just click Condo Living and only those relevant articles will appear.

To help you gauge how much time you will need to read each article, there is a time associated with each article, 2 minute read, 5 minute read, etc.


Do I need to be a Scotiabank customer to use the EcoLiving site?

The information on the EcoLiving website is available to all homeowners hoping to reduce their environmental footprint, whether or not they are current Scotiabank customers.


What information does the Scotiabank EcoLiving Home Energy Savings Calculator provide me?

The Scotiabank EcoLiving Home Energy Savings Calculator can help you save money by saving energy and, at the same time, reduce  your impact on climate change. Based on the information you provide, the EcoLiving calculator will select recommended upgrades that will help you “breakeven” on your home energy investment and will help estimate your “future savings”. The EcoLiving Calculator also gives you information on your financing options, helping you to choose the right payment method for your eco-home renovation. To help identify how your home is reducing its environmental footprint, the calculator will show your total carbon emission reduction.


Can I contact Scotiabank EcoLiving about financing my home renovation?

We encourage you to speak to your Scotiabank financial advisor. The Scotiabank EcoLiving Program does not provide users with individual financial advice.


Who can I contact for further information?

For additional details about the information on this site, please ask a home improvement professional. Scotiabank is unable to answer individual home improvement  questions. To provide feedback on the Scotiabank EcoLiving site, please contact​


Why is Scotiabank involved in EcoLiving?

Scotiabank believes in protecting the environment, and in helping Canadians reach their financial goals. Energy conservation and home improvement address both goals. EcoLiving is just one of the programs Scotiabank operates around environmental concerns. See others.


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