How Electric Cars are Changing Motoring Forever

Kind on the environment and your bank balance, we look at why electric cars are a great investment

Electric cars are the future of driving. France, India, Norway and Britain have all committed to dispensing with gas and diesel cars while ten countries including China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the Netherlands have set out goals for increasing the number of electric cars on their roads. This changing automobile landscape will mean road trips are getting cleaner, leaner and greener.


Cheaper to Run

Electric cars cost more to buy and you’ll have the added expense of installing a home charging station, but once those initial overheads are paid, your car will run cheaper on electricity than it ever did on gas. For example; if you lived in British Columbia and bought a 240-volt charging station for your home, it would set you back between $800 - $2,000. Power in B.C. costs around $0.10 per kilowatt-hour so your electric car would cost $0.016 per km. "A rule of thumb is the cost to fuel an electric car is about an eighth of the cost of a gas-equivalent vehicle," says Charlotte Argue from Plug In BC.


Alternatively, you can rely on public charging stations which are mostly free. Many parking lots offer free charging while drivers shop in nearby stores or enjoy a meal at local restaurants. You can locate charging stations using the CAA charge station locator.


Easier to Maintain

A gas-powered vehicle has around 2,000 moving parts while an electric vehicle has only 20. That means that there is far less maintenance on your electric car. While conventional cars need to have their oil, transmission, windshield, power steering and brake fluids regularly changed, most electric vehicles require only brake fluid and windshield cleaner. Some vehicles may also require coolant, but you’ll be spending much less time and money on maintenance.


Better Braking

Regenerative braking technology returns uses the car’s energy to charge the battery when you brake. This reduces ware on the friction pads so you’ll find your brake pads, caliper, and rotor need less maintenance and last longer.


Zero Emissions

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of owning an electric vehicle; your incredible contribution to preserving our planet. With the transportation industry producing about 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, changing to electric cars can help to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change. Your electric vehicle will have zero emissions. That doesn’t mean it produces no pollution—battery manufacture and charging your car still create greenhouse gases. You can opt for renewable sources of energy here if your local hydro provider allows for that. 

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