Money-saving Energy Habits to Ring in the Spring

Give your bad energy habits a spring clean that will save you money

Cost Saving
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Bid farewell to those high winter hydro costs as the warmer weather affords us a little more flexibility. As we move into the spring, there are many habits you can adopt that will help reduce your hydro bills and save money. Using less energy will cut your carbon footprint and curtail your impact on the environment.

Shower Power: We all like to take long, hot showers in the winter, but it’s wasteful of water and energy. For each person in your home that cuts their shower time by one minute, you’ll save $30 a year.

Similarly, a leaking hot-water tap will waste both energy and water. Fixing a leak can save you up to $33 a year for each tap. Not sure how to fix a leak? Get the tutorial here.


Mind the Gap: Each home has a number of holes that cause your conditioned indoor air to escape. Keep heat in during the cooler months and out over the summer by caulking your gaps. Caulking the cracks, holes and gaps around your plumbing and electrical openings can reducing your heating and cooling bills by 10% for a saving of $50-$170 a year.

Time for a Tune Up: Maintaining your furnace ensures that it operates at optimal efficiency. You can reduce air leakage by 15% when you tape holes and cracks in your ductwork. Doing an annual ductwork inspection and furnace maintenance will allow you to save 3-10% on your HVAC costs. Access a furnace maintenance tutorial here.

Your furnace maintenance regimen should also include replacing your air filters every three months. Clean air helps you create a healthy environment for your family and also ensures your furnace and air conditioner run more efficiently. You can reduce your annual heating and cooling costs by up to $50 when you change your filters regularly.

Your air conditioner will benefit from a tune up. Regular maintenance can save you up to $65 a year. If your AC unit is older than 12 years, you could save by replacing it with an Energy Star model. Energy Star appliances are far more efficient and can cut your summer cooling costs by 30%.


Get Smart: Can’t get family members to turn off the lights? Install smart switches that come equipped with motion sensors which turn lights off when you leave the room. Utilizing smart light switches can save you up to $100 a year on your hydro bill. Installing timers on your bathroom fans will ensure that your home is adequately free of moisture without wasting energy.


Spend Less on Laundry: Hang your clothing out to dry, rather than using your dryer. If you must use a dryer, shake out clothes and add a towel to every load to trim your dry times. Cleaning out your lint trap will make your dryer more efficient. Switching to a cold wash will reduce the amount of energy you use by 90%.

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