Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

Cut your energy consumption for lower hydro bills and save!

With record-breaking heatwaves, this summer’s cooling costs threaten to rival the hydro bills you are more accustomed to receiving in the winter time. Thankfully, there are many ways you can reduce your summer energy consumption and save.

Setting your AC thermostat to 25°C for on-peak hours and to 22 °C during off-peak times will save you up to $18.20 every month.

Check that there is no vegetation or debris around your AC unit to ensure efficiency. Arrange your furniture to keep AC vents clear so air can circulate properly.

Better still, opt for a ceiling fan and save the AC for really hot days. Studies show that a ceiling fan costs $1.70 a month and an air conditioner $21.90. Ensure that your ceiling fans are turning in a counter-clockwise direction over the summer months. Most provinces offer rebates for ceiling fans—check whether you qualify for a rebate on any of your energy-efficient upgrades here.

Do you have an older AC or are soaring summer temperatures making you think of investing in a new one? When shopping for a new appliance, take note of the Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) which determines the energy efficiency of the unit. The higher the EER of the unit, the lower the cooling costs. Replacing your old air conditioner (EER of 10) with a new unit (EER of 14) will typically save $27.40 a month over the summer.

If you aren’t in the market for a new AC, regular maintenance of your old unit can improve efficiency by at least 5% for savings of around $4.40 a month.

Prevent heat gain by closing window coverings and windows during the day. Plant deciduous trees and vines outside windows that get the most sun. These will shade your home in the summer and lose their leaves to allow winter sun to stream in.

Turn off your appliances when not in use. Not only do appliances in standby mode account for 10-15% of your hydro bill, they also add to the heat gain of your home. Use smart-strip power bars which work on timers and automatically turn off devices when you are asleep or at work.

Caulking the gaps in your building envelope helps to keep cool air in and hot air out. Check for gaps around doors and windows, around plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets and reduce your summer cooling costs by 10-15%.

Use the Scotiabank Home Energy Calculator to see where your energy-saving investments get the most return. 

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