Revolutionize your Commute with Electric Cars and Bikes

Do you want a commute that’s cheaper and kinder to the earth?

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Electric cars have several advantages over cars with internal-combustion engines and hybrids that are making them a more attractive choice for prospective car owners.

  1. They cost less to operate. An electric vehicle can save you $1,500 to $2,000 a year on gas.
  2. You save hundreds of dollars a year on maintenance thanks to no oil changes, exhaust systems or coolant flushes.
  3. You reduce your vehicular greenhouse gas emissions by 90% and your levels of noise pollution.
  4. Many local governments offer incentives which make electric car prices more competitive.
  5. Incentives for home charging stations are also available.
  6. Many municipalities and companies offer free recharging services and parking for electric cars.
  7. Many local governments allow electric cars in the high-occupancy lanes even with a single driver.


How efficient are they?

Electric cars are 90% efficient at converting energy into motion which makes them about three times more efficient than regular cars. Electric cars still need to be charged and, even if you use sources of energy which are not renewable, you will be making a significant reduction to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your car produces.


How far can an electric car go on a single charge?

The distances keep increasing as battery technology improves, but you can travel between 140 and 450km on a single charge, depending on the make of car. Electric cars can reach speeds comparable to those of cars with internal combustion engines.


How long do batteries last, and how much does it cost to replace them?

Most electric cars come with batteries that are covered by an eight-year manufacturer’s warranty. Should you need to replace a battery, they account for about a third of the cost of the car.


How do I maintain an electric car?

Regularly recharging the car and rotating the tires is all you have to do. There are no coolants which need to be flushed or oil that needs to be changed. Car maintenance costs on an electric car should be a fraction of what they would be with an internal-combustion engine.


Where do I find recharging stations?

Most makes of electric car will display recharging stations on their navigation systems. There are several apps which enable you to locate charging stations in your area like Autochargers, PlugShare and ChargeHub. Be sure to account for reduced range in winter when extremely cold weather will limit the performance of your battery.


What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bike or e-bike is a bicycle which has a small motor and battery pack which propel the bike forward so you don’t have to work as hard. This gives e-bikes an advantage over a regular bike as they require less effort. Not having to work as hard means that, with an e-bike, your range is much bigger than it would be with a regular bike. When you are pedaling the bike on flatter roads or going downhill, it is possible to charge the battery. This only happens when you are pedaling faster than the bike is able to go.

Generally, pedaling is not intended to recharge the battery which will require recharging through an outlet when you are home.


Why should I buy an electric bike over an electric car?

E-bikes require less of an initial investment. Here are some of the ways in which they beat electric cars as a transport option.

  1. Electric bikes enable us to exercise which reduces our risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer and a wealth of diseases.
  2. Biking to work cuts your transport costs, makes parking easy and reduces the time you spend in traffic.
  3. Electric bikes also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a car because they require charge.


What are the safety regulations for electric bikes?

Bikes should not weigh more than 120kg and riders should be 16 or older and you must wear a helmet. You can get a full outline of safety regulations for electric bikes here

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