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Electricity Saving Tips


Find out the fastest and best ways to save energy and lower your electricity bill with smart lighting and water heating, energy-efficient appliances, and ideas for reducing phantom power.

Tankless Hot Waterlower water bill

Shrink your next hydro bill
See how small changes to your showers, laundry, lighting and gadgets can add up to big electricity savings.

Should You Go With Tankless Hot Water?
Find out if your home is a good candidate for a tankless water heater.

We slashed our water bill by 70%!
A low-flow showerhead and dual-flush toilet add up to big savings in a small bathroom.

Lighting With Dimmers Unplug and Save MoneyGreen Your Home Office

Green Your Lighting With Dimmers
Save electricity when you use dimmer switches on lighting and lamps.

Unplug and Save Money
You pay for electricity for every gadget and appliance left plugged in. Here’s how to cut the cord on standby power.

Green Your Home Office
Save energy and resources when you buy an eco-friendly laptop, office chair and desk lamp.

Pay less for lighting Save energy in the kitchenInstant Payback

Pay less for lighting
Don’t wait for the ban to switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED lighting.

Save energy in the kitchen
Get 10 green home ideas from one family’s energy efficient kitchen renovation.

Instant Payback
See which home improvements pay off fastest in lower bills with the Home Energy Savings Calculator.

Guide to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs furnace, washer, water heaterSummer Savers

Guide to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Learn the basics about CFLs and save money on electricity.

Old furnace, washer, water heater?
Replacing all three will save you $482 each year. Find out which one saves you the most.

5 Summer Savers
Save energy, water, time and money with these simple, affordable products for a green lawn, garden and laundry.

ways to save Use less energy, save more moneyHome Energy Savings Calculator

Money & Power: 5 ways to save
Ease the pain of rising energy prices by finding big savings at home.

Best Light Bulbs
Power saver lighting? Forget incandescent bulbs. Find out what costs less, lasts longer, and saves money and greenhouse gas emissions.

Use less energy, save more money
An EcoLiving Award winner and contractor shares his best tips to save electricity and lower your bills.

This Tool Puts Money in Your Pocket
Rising energy and water costs? Get your home’s recommended green improvements with the Home Energy Savings Calculator.


Find more money-saving tricks and upgrades on the blog.



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