Summer Staycation Tips

Why head for the hills when you can have a great vacation at home and save money too?

Cost Saving
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The ‘staycation’ is this year’s hottest travel trend. Instead of the stress and expense of travel, savvy travelers are electing to stay home for their holidays. Foregoing air travel is a great way to rediscover your city and it’s kinder on Mother Nature too.

Air travel accounts for 4-9% of greenhouse gas production. Airplanes also produce contrails—water droplets and ice that form as the plane flies. These white ‘clouds’ have a net warming effect on the planet and contribute to global warming.

A staycation doesn’t mean you get stuck doing laundry and washing the dishes; it means you get to enjoy your home and the city you live in.


Make a Plan

You would map out your vacation, so put as much time into planning your staycation. Schedule shows and events, plan a hike, or book restaurants and decide on your daily activities. Make your staycation sustainable by buying local produce, opting for picnics rather than take-out and sourcing organic fare wherever possible.



Work out what a vacation away from home would cost you, then set aside a portion of that for your staycation. Without air travel and hotel costs, you will be saving money on this holiday. That means you can spend guilt-free on shows and at restaurants knowing that you are still saving in the long run.

Scope out the free ‘to-dos’ in your city, such as enjoying local parks and public pools or taking a scenic ride on a bike route.


Act like a Tourist

Take in a show, go for a hike, pack a picnic, visit a museum and do all those the same activities that visitors to your town get to enjoy. Visit local farms, take some craft lessons, take a painting or cooking lesson.

Try walking or biking to local attractions to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, get a little exercise and save money on gas.

Don’t want to go too far from home? Make a pillow fort and watch movies or try backyard camping. Play in your local park or go for a walk around your neighbourhood.



You wouldn’t have access to email and texts while on holiday, so be sure to avoid them on your staycation too. Put an ‘out of office’ message on your email and turn off your phone. Limit screen time for all family members. Turn all your appliances off when not in use—appliances on standby mode account for 10% of your energy bill.


Feast Yourself

Eat in all your favorite restaurants and try some new ones too. Nothing beats room service, so take turns to make morning coffee and breakfasts in bed.


Holiday Memories

Take lots of pictures of all the wonderful things you get to do in your hometown and be sure to buy yourself an eco-friendly ‘souvenir’. 

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