Upcycled Christmas Gifts you can Make Yourself

Make upcycled Christmas gifts and reduce the carbon footprint of your holiday.

Homemade gifts don’t have to be like that sad, lopsided mug Aunty Bea made in her pottery class at the senior center. They can be incredible, creative items that people actually want. Making your own gifts is a far more thoughtful gesture and in keeping with the spirit of the holidays. Upcycling items in your home means you avoid the frenzy of commercialism and disposable gifts that is so damaging to the environment. 


This nifty upcycled gift uses coat hangers to create a ravishing rack for coats with a handy hook for your umbrellas, purses or scarves. The base of the hangers makes a handy shelf for hats so they won’t get crushed under heavy coats.


This rustic side table looks great made from birch, but you can make it from just about any kind of wood. Use fallen branches rather than damaging a living tree and ensure that your wood table is bug-free—getting a termite infestation may detract from the thoughtfulness of your gift just a tad. 


The perfect way to preserve the teenage skateboards that have been sitting in the basement for years. This shelf is versatile and easy to make and can be portable if you leave the wheels on the bottom board. 


From an old dresser to a stylish kitchen island, all this DIY gift needs is a lick of paint, a few hooks and a paper towel holder. Source a counter top from your local hardware store or get an offcut from a renovator. 


Vintage teacups make the perfect no-drip candle holders. Just add a wick, some wax and a couple of drops of essential oils for a scented candle. 


Gorgeous garden mushrooms made from upcycled vases and bowls. A trip to your local charity shop should yield a wealth of vases and bowls. Glue them together with ceramic glue and paint them or leave them translucent if you prefer. 


This upcycled bathtub sofa is remarkably easy to make. Simply cut off one side, paint it to suit your décor and get some comfy cushions. A wonderful conversation piece for either indoor or outdoor use. 


Another use for vintage teacups—the teacup lamp! Glue the cup and saucer together. Then use a ceramic drill bit to create a hole in the middle of the cup and saucer. Drill carefully with liberal drizzles of water to prevent the cup from breaking. Add a light fitting and you have a sweet upcycled gift for the tea-lover in your life.  


When your child outgrows their toy soldiers, plastic dinosaurs or dolls, glue them together around the base and stem of a lamp and paint them a solid colour for this funky, one-of-a-kind lamp made from memories.


Breathe new life into broken chairs with these cute and comfy garden benches. Simply hammer an upcycled tabletop or piece of lumber over two or three chairs and paint them to suit your décor. 


Another great upcycling project for old toys, these plastic dinosaurs just need a hole in the back and a smaller one in the belly to make the best planters. 

Have a truly happy holiday by creating personal, upcycled gifts that are fun to make and don’t increase the carbon footprint of your festive season. 











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