Ways to Make your Office More Sustainable

Did you know being more environmentally friendly in your office can save your company money?

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Companies are finding ways to be greener and leaner as they offer employees healthier places to work. Focusing on sustainability will save you money and ensure that your office is friendlier to the environment.


Get Office Plants                 

An Exeter University study found that workers were 15% more productive and had better memory retention when their office contained houseplants. Plants produce oxygen which improves the air quality of your office, and they are also able to absorb impurities in the air. Rooms with plants have 50-60% fewer airborne mold spores, bacteria and other microbes. Find a list of the best plants for air filtration here.


Cut your Commute

Start a community board where employees can source lifts to work. If they don’t live near each other, they can use Netlift or Carpool Canada to find people in their area to commute with and enjoy the traffic-free ease of the HOV lane.

Encourage workers to use public transportation or bike to work when the weather permits.

Working from home actually increases productivity and means employees aren’t adding to their commuting carbon footprints.

Families who ditch their cars for public transport can save up to $586 in expenses every month.


Green your Clean

Many industrial cleaners contain harmful chemicals that off-gas into the office and reduce the air quality. Use vinegar and baking soda instead of chemical cleaners to create an environment that is healthier and to reduce your cleaning costs. Get a complete guide to making your own natural cleaning products here.


Reduce Energy Use

Using LED lighting can help to save you money on your monthly hydro bill. While replacing lightbulbs does require a capital outlay, just switching the five lightbulbs you use most will reduce your hydro costs by $75 a year!

Encourage employees to turn off lights when they leave a room or install motion-activated lights which turn themselves off and on to save money.

Set all your computers to energy-saving settings.

Ensure that all equipment is turned off when the office is closed.

Utilize power bars with off switches as equipment that is on standby mode accounts for up to 10% of your energy bill.


Lunch Hour

Stock your kitchen with cutlery and crockery so employees won’t need disposable utensils, cups and plates.

Provide condiments to avoid the use of all those little packets of salt, pepper and ketchup.

Offer coffee and tea facilitates to reduce the amount of take-out waste generated. You will also benefit from more productivity as workers don’t need to go out for beverages.

Opt for reusable coffee pods rather than disposable ones and buy fair trade coffee.

A water cooler with reusable glasses is a better waste-reducing option than offering bottled water and sodas. 

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