14 Ways to Save Money on your Laundry

Reduce the cost of your washing and be kinder to the environment

Your laundry costs can be adding significantly to your monthly expenses. Revolutionize the way you do your washing and save money while being kinder to the environment. follow these easy tips to reduce your laundry costs.

When the time comes to replace your washer and dryer, it really does make sense to invest a little more initially so you can get an efficient Energy Star appliance. Spending a little more upfront will save you money in the long run. Front-loaders use less energy than top-loading washing machines.

Check the peak electricity times in your area and schedule your laundry for off-peak times when electricity is at its cheapest.

Plan your wardrobe so you only have to do washing when you have full loads.

Stain removers often contain astringent chemicals that are harmful to the environment and can cause skin and eye irritation. Save money with environmentally friendly homemade stain remover solutions. Find the full guide here.

Up to 90% of the energy used during a laundry cycle goes to heating the water. Use cold wash cycles whenever possible to reduce costs.

A cap of white vinegar will have the same effect as a fabric softener at a fraction of the cost. It will also help to reduce bacteria and any residual odors.

Commercial laundry detergents can contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and are harsh on sensitive skins. Save money and live greener by making your own laundry detergent. Get the recipe here.

Dryer balls help to keep your clothing soft and negate the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Make your own dryer balls with old socks using the tutorial here

Or if you prefer using dryer sheets, make reusable eco-friendly ones using the tutorial here.

Air dry your clothing whenever possible. You save money on dryer costs and your clothes get a lovely fresh air smell.

Before every drying cycle, be sure to remove any lint from the filter to improve efficiency. Check the dryer vent periodically to ensure that it’s also lint free.

Shake out your clothing before you place it in your dryer. Increasing the surface area that is exposed to hot air will help your clothing dry faster.

Adding a towel to each load will reduce drying times.

When the dryer cycle is done, fold clothing directly from the dryer to eliminate the need for ironing. Iron only those items that absolutely have to be ironed to further reduce costs.

If laundry costs are getting you down, don’t throw in the towel. Just a few small adjustments can help you keep your wardrobe spick and span without breaking the bank. 

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